Über uns

We are a team of ambitious students from Leuphana University of Lueneburg in Germany, engaged to challenge inequities in our world. The project Poculum was founded in 2017 and currently consists of 12 women from various fields of study.

Our project is part of Enactus Lueneburg e.V. Enactus is one of the largest worldwide student initiative with over 75.000 participating universities in 36 countries. The idea of Enactus is to create sustainable economic benefits for people who need help through social entrepreneurship with entrepreneurial solutions. The individual Enactus teams independently carry out projects that address current local and global problems. Non-profit motivated entrepreneurship dominates the actions of the teams, which act free of financial self-interest. The goal is to develop sustainable solutions on a social, ecological and economic level in order to improve the world on a small scale.